CO2 Estates – Maximising Real Estate Performance


Carbon Estates’ dashboard reporting allows users to instantly generate bespoke reports on the energy performance, associated risk and opportunities across entire portfolios, funds or customised groups of assets. The reporting functionality enables benchmarking between funds, fund or asset managers, regions or tenants. Ask Carbon Estates what percentage of my portfolio is at risk, how much will it cost to re-position my portfolio out of risk, which tenants are putting my assets at risk and how can I engage with them.

Measuring asset performance

How efficient are my asset’s fabric and services?

A formalised approach to data collection combined with simplified energy modelling, and dynamic modelling where appropriate, provides a structured data set that when uploaded to our Carbon Estates’ database delivers rapid insight across entire portfolios.

How do occupants use energy within my asset?

An understanding of the actual energy usage within your assets is essential for the identification of no or low cost operational optimisation strategies. Carbon Estates accommodates the upload of actual energy consumption data, which combined with modelled energy consumption data, delivers a holistic understanding of energy performance.

Where and how should I invest to improve performance?

Carbon Estates’ simulation engine delivers automated, yet building specific, retrofit strategies that simultaneously consider how best to invest in your asset, save operational energy and mitigate legislative risk.  Further to this, Carbon Estates intelligent retrofit strategies consider the level of inconvenience associated with each improvement measure, providing the user with alternative strategies for when a property is occupied or vacant.  All strategies detail cap ex, energy cost savings, ROI, reduction in carbon and improvement in asset rating.

How should I invest to improve performance?

Split incentives are a key barrier to the implementation of energy efficiency initiatives within the private rented sector. Through data transparency and the identification of mutually beneficial improvement strategies, commercial property owners and occupiers can overcome this barrier. Carbon Estates acts as a platform to provide insight into data and engage with tenants on mutually beneficial retrofit strategies. Further to this our bespoke energy audit packages can deliver reporting that identifies improvement measures for multi-let buildings, and categorises these actions not only by their cost, savings, and ROI but also indicates whether they are an operational or asset improvement, within a landlord or tenant domain.

Delivering Value

How we deliver value



In parallel to our software services, is our engineering consultancy offering. We provide a comprehensive range of technical services. It is through this unique combination of data analytics backed by sound engineering experience that delivers commercial real estate with a comprehensive approach to energy performance analysis and improvement.

How we deliver value

  • Mechanical and electrical services design
  • Low Carbon Consultants
  • BREEAM Assessors
  • Energy auditing and modelling
  • Part L consultancy
  • Energy Performance Certificates, Display Energy Certificates, Air-conditioning Inspections
  • Life Cycle Costing




CO2 Estates advisory team can guide commercial real estate through the sustainability factors that affect every stage in a property’s life cycle, whether this is due diligence at acquisition or engagement with tenants at lease events.

Our team continuously works collaboratively with academic institutions and Government bodies to support the transition to a low carbon built environment.

We do this by representing our clients and using our unique insight into ‘big data’ to visualise the impact of proposed legislative and methodology changes upon commercial real estate. We seek to bring about better communication between all stakeholders in order to support informed decision-making and add value for our clients.