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ISO 50001 EMS suggested as an alternative route to ESOS compliance

Date: 7th February 2014

The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) has introduced the possibility of using ISO 50001 Energy Management System as a method of assisting UK organisations in meeting the Government requirements as per Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

The EU Energy Efficiency Directive became effective on 14th November 2012. It requires all EU member states to introduce a structure of regular energy audits for large UK based enterprises. are encouraged to carry out ESOS assessments on a voluntary basis. All organisations which qualify must carry out their first audit by 5th December 2015. Following this, regular audits must be conducted every four years. SME’s are also encouraged to carry out ESOS assessments on a voluntary basis Under the scheme, approved assessors will conduct mandatory Article 8 compliant ESOS assessments to identify energy saving recommendations.

According to DECC; ‘There is a general consensus that ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems should be deemed as an alternative route to compliance when used in conjunction with BS EN 16247-1: Energy Audits- General requirements.’

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